VP Litmus Test

There’s a really simple way to figure out whether or not you approve of a Vice-Presidential candidate in this election. Would you be satisfied with them as Commander-in-Chief?

This hasn’t always been the case. Much of the time the Vice-President only has to sit around and look nice, and it helps if the candidate is from that swing state.

This election is different because McCain and Obama are two of the most likely candidates to die during their term- via disease or assassination, in history.

Skeptical? Good. I can’t prove that they’re the most likely, but I can demonstrate considerable risk.

McCain: Oldest candidate in history, has previously suffered from skin cancer. Anyone who has had cancer is at higher risk for cancer than someone who has not.

Obama: Due to being an African-American, he’s a target for white supremacy organizations. In fact, on Tuesday, several men who may have been planning to assassinate him on Thursday were apprehended.

I have my own opinions, but I’m not going to force them upon you here. But please, everyone, consider whether you would be comfortable with Palin or Biden as your President.

Here’s an interesting post I found about Sarah Palin. If anyone has an informative one about Biden (for or against) or another for Palin (preferably for), please post it in the comments and I’ll add it to the post.


2 thoughts on “VP Litmus Test

  1. Hey, why don’t you have a about page, or some page where users can comment on other stuff than post? And BTW thanks for your comment to the “Which Road Question”, loved it planning to reply you back, a quality reply. “Despite anything I might write, I’m a lazy writer :)”

  2. Because I can’t decide whether I’m busy, a perfectionist, or a lazy bum who just wants to sit and read as the world goes by. I’ll start on one and put it up without too many revisions.

    And any time.

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