New Pages

I’ve put up two (well, three) new pages in the past few days. One is an ‘About Me’ page, as requested by Chirax, only I decided to get creative.

The other is a page for my writing. Each subpage will have either a short story or a chapter of something… probably. Let me set the record straight right now. I write some, on the side. I don’t claim to be good at it. Publication is a pipe dream. But I don’t mind people reading and commenting on my work. In fact I really like that. However I’ve password protected the pages containing the stories themselves because my ego tells me that someone else might try to steal them. But the passwords will be really easy to get. As in if you either e-mail me ( Lucien.Malkatros shift-2 ) or comment here with an easy way for me to find your e-mail address and request the password, I will give it to you unless your username is ‘storystealer1337’ or something along those lines.


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