Is there another kind?

Just a pet peeve of mine- adding implied adjectives. Sometimes there are adjectives you just don’t need. ‘I saw a bony skeleton.’ ‘There’s a black and white panda under the bridge.’ ‘Have you climbed that woody tree?’

This isn’t a frequent problem in published literature, thank goodness, but it happens frequently in every day speech/writing. Recent example:

I am out of contact due to a serious death in the family.

My condolences. I had a minor case of death once, but I got over it. Incidentally, if you’re out of contact, how did you send this message? Hello? Nevermind.


3 thoughts on “Is there another kind?

  1. I really enjoyed reading this with my eyes and thinking about it with my mind, then responded by making virtual contact through this blog comment (too implied?).
    Thanks for the read – funny.

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