Free Car, Comes with Child

In the car this morning I encountered an amusing sign.

Now, to be fair to me, the sign wasn’t quite like that. The one I saw was on the side of a car waiting next to me at an intersection, and lacked the words ‘Emergency Car Door Unlocking.’ True, “Free When Child Locked Inside” was printed inside of a painted orange key, but none the less. My first impression was that if I ever found that van with a child locked inside, I could have the van. I’m not entirely sure what I would do with the child.

A few seconds later I realized it was a van for a company known as ‘Pop-A-Lock‘ which specializes in locksmithing car doors and that saving children from heat stroke is a free community service. But I liked it better when I could have gotten a free car.


4 thoughts on “Free Car, Comes with Child

  1. I’m the director of operations (and avid blog reader) for Pop-A-Lock national HQ. Thanks for helping spread the word about our EDU program.
    Few people realize how common of a problem this is; to date we have responded to nearly 85K incidents where a child has been locked in a car.

    Your humerous spin on things should help a few more people become aware of the problem, prevention and that we are there to help at no cost if it does happen.

    Our other free program is the Key Return Tags, if you register on the website, we will send you two free key tags that can be put on your key ring(s) and if you happen to lose the keys and they are returned (about 80% that are found are returned) to you at no cost.

    Thanks and keep blogging!

    Rob Reynolds

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