Free Friday: Starfish

Here’s one of those things you aren’t likely to find on your own. Starfish, by Peter Watts is the first in a trilogy which was published relatively recently, meaning that the copyright hasn’t expired yet. So how is it that I come to offer it for free? The author has made it available under the Creative Commons License, along with the rest of the trilogy and all his other work on his website.

The premise of the novel is that there are geothermal power stations deep under the ocean which need people to man them, but humans must either wear prohibitive equipment or undergo extreme surgery to survive at such depths. No one would ever volunteer for such a job- except certain, shall we say, social deviants who have little other choice, who may even come to enjoy life farther below water than light can penetrate.

Fascinating on many levels- literary, scientific, political, and psychological. I highly recommend it, though I haven’t finished the trilogy yet, I’m looking forward to finishing Maelstrom and Behemoth. It’s not often someone will give me a book this good for free.

Here’s Starfish.


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