Debate: IP Law and DRM Pt. 2


Declaring that IP law is unenforcable is absolutely absurd, and a great underestimation of the abilities of modern law enforcement. This article portrays just one method by which the UK has successfully reduced music piracy. In short, they threatened to take away internet access through the cooperation of ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

There is no reason that this methodology could not be adapted by the rest of the world. Some will say that ISPs sharing their online activities with the government is a violation of their privacy. Is it a violation of your privacy if a police officer catches you making a drug buy? Why shouldn’t there be representatives of the law patrolling the internet as well? Just so no one blames the ISPs, it’s not like they had much choice in the matter. It’s either turn over records willingly or wait for the court order, and cooperation has fewer solicitor’s and processing fees.

As for websites such as Skreemr and GTCloser, among others, simply make them illegal. Even if they remain legal (after all, they’re only search engines) tracking internet activity will allow law enforcement to know who is using those sources. As for the legality of such a ‘violation of privacy’ it is clearly not an issue in the UK, which to me suggests that it won’t be a problem in much of the world. Even in the US where this is much hue and cry over any ‘violation of privacy’ the Patriot Act lays down precedent for all kinds of ‘privacy infringements.’ Nowhere in the US Constitution is privacy promised. It is a priveledge, not a right, and by participating in illegal activities, whether it be terrorism or pirating music, you forgo that priveledge.

All the other points made by my opponent are simply statements about the way things are, not the way they have to be. International accord can and should be made so that IP law is consistent. DRM can be added to all CDs and DVDs. It’s already present on some, so this is clearly not an imposibility.

IP law is enforcable so long as law enforcement and law makers put in the necessary effort. Just like any other crime, it takes effort. Cops on the street or cops on computers. But it is perfectly possible.

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