Free Friday: Shipping Up to Boston

Don recently made a post about an interesting band I’d never heard of before. And, frankly, I hope I never hear them again. While there is nothing actually wrong with Gogol Bordello, and I liked the use of the fiddle and other less common instruments (I do play the fiddle, after all), I couldn’t help but feel it was just another band done wrong… that other band is the Dropkick Murphys.

Though I’ve never seen the movie, I’m told that my favorite song of theirs, Shipping Up to Boston, is played during a prison scene in The Departed.

So here’s Shipping Up to Boston. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Free Friday: Shipping Up to Boston

  1. I couldn’t get your link to open, so I went to YouTube. I liked it. Although Gogol Bordello is more about performance art. Dropkick Murphy is closer to Seven Nations, but still different (mainly the vocals). Thanks for suggesting it.

  2. Hmm… it was a download link, so maybe if your computer blocks those it wouldn’t open. I’ll add a non-download link. Thanks for telling me, and glad you liked it.

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