Active Transport

That’s the banner Chirag, who changes his blog’s banner almost daily, used today. I very much agree with the encouragement of biking over motorized transportation. Here in America, at least, we have two problems on people’s minds (whenever they realize that the problem with the economy is that they know there’s a problem with the economy). Obesity and the environment. Even those who aren’t obese are concerned with keeping fit, and that’s as it should be. What hasn’t happened yet is a connection between those two.

Wait… are you telling me that if I bike to work, I’ll lose weight and help the environment?

Yes. Shocking. Not everyone can do it due to the way society expanded with the advent of the car. I don’t want to get into that debate just now. But I feel that the majority of gridlock in cities is caused by people who could be walking or biking. Actually, in the strictest sense, it is quite obviously true. If they parked at the edge of the city and used public transport (or walked, or biked, they do have bike racks, you know), they would be able to completely circumvent hellish traffic. While simultaniously reducing traffic.



3 thoughts on “Active Transport

  1. “Wait… are you telling me that if I bike to work, I’ll lose weight and help the environment?” – Brilliant piece, well said. 🙂

  2. Too bad I live 45 minutes from work. If I rode a bike…as soon as I got home, I’d have to turn around and start riding back to work!!

    It’s a really good idea though, for people that are close enough to do it.

    I wish more people thought like you!

  3. my new place is only a few miles from work. unfortunately, there are still all the other twithead motorists on the road who don’t give a monkey’s behind for bicyclists. nonetheless, come spring (a wee bit chilly now), i’m looking for opportunities to ride to work (on days it doesn’t matter if i’m a bit sweaty).

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