The news stations all seem over cautious in announcing the results of the election. Fox especially- saying that polls show that most of the people consenting to exit polls are Obama fans and that therefore the results are skewed. That’s erroneous, by the way. It’s a false assumption. What they should have said is that most of those REFUSING exit polls are McCain fans. That would get accross the point they intended accurately, if it was true. If its not true, they don’t have a valid point. As of now they are saying that Obama has 207 and McCain has 135. What they should just say is that it looks like Obama has it in the bag. Consider the following: California has voted for democratic presidential candidates for a long time. McCain hardly campaigned there. It gets 55 electoral votes. That puts Obama at 262. Forget all the ‘battle ground states.’ All he needs to win from there are Hawaii (with 4) and Oregon (with 7). Both are very democratic states.

So I’ll say it now. Congratulations Mr. Barack Obama, you’ll be the next president. Now I’m going to go to bed while people with less gumption and more caution keep watching the election unfold, like melting ice.

Update: Google and Yahoo news are both saying that Obama has won Virginia- putting him at 220. California tops the 270 needed.

Now I’m actually going to bed.


4 thoughts on “Over-Cautious

  1. Hah! I stayed up long enough to see it called on the major news channels/websites…then I went to bed. I still haven’t seen the speeches…but I intend to. I’ve heard bits and pieces on talk radio.

    I’m still feeling the afterglow…

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