Can’t We Do Anything Right?

While corn and ethanol fuel have been widely advertized as the solutions to global warming, I’m now finding out exactly how naive that notion is.

Take a close look at that, and what we should be doing becomes obvious. Algae. It would dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions, even making up for many of those emitted by other sources. It is also the only biofuel which is even remotely realistic for completely replacing fossil fuels. While 1-2% of US cropland is a lot, it is nowhere so much as the alternatives. Furthermore, given my knowledge of algea growth, it should to possible to utilize territory which is not currently counted as ‘crop land’ in order to grow algea. This meaning the potential to use lakes, artificial or natural, as well as the oceans, to create algea farms. There’s an offshore island made of trash in the Pacific, why not have offshore algea farms? Remeniscent of the island in Life of Pi, only sans the carnivourous factor. Well, maybe not. Only instead of eating little monkeys, these would eat CO2.

This declares that the ‘technology is not ready.’ But how much do you want to bet that if we focussed our efforts, this could be made possible?

One of the things which really bothers me is the lack of press. Look at those numbers. That’s incredible! You’d think it would be all over the news instead of ethanol. To think that all the debates between Obama and McCain focused on marginally less filthy coal and ethanol rather than algea.


2 thoughts on “Can’t We Do Anything Right?

  1. Well…that was way over my head…but I do think it would be foolish of “us” to look at any one thing as the solution. I certainly think it will have to be a multi-pronged solution…not the least of which is personal accountability!

    (Did someone say monkey? I love monkeys.)

  2. I like the idea of algae – eating carbon dioxide, producing oxygen, providing fuel. It all sounds good.
    I also like The Life of Pi – a most interesting book.

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