McCain for Cabinet Seat

Here’s a radical new idea for Obama- why not make McCain Secretary of War? Secretary of State or National Security Advisor would work as well, but I’ve been led to believe that McCain would prefer a position as Secretary of War. This makes a great deal of sense. As President, Obama will have several jobs. He will need to fix everything that Bush screwed up; this would include getting rid of the Department of Homeland Security, which may or may not have been a good idea (aside from the fascist name), but was so terribly implemented as to now be a hopeless mess. He will need to regain the world’s respect for the United States. He will need to heal the wounds this country’s partisan nature has inflicted upon itself. This means bringing the left and the right to terms with one another. One of the best ways to do this, which has been discussed in the press, is a bipartisan cabinet.

This would mean giving Republicans important positions in the new administration. So why not make McCain Secretary of War? Before he started trying to become president, McCain was respectable. He was a good senator, but the way American politics works forced him to do and say things which I believe he regrets. Actually, considering that he lost the election, I feel fairly safe saying that he regrets them. If he’d succeeded it would likely have been a contest of means and ends in his mind. Assuming that the election did not somehow fundamentally change McCain, turning him into one of the neo-conservatives he was forced to cater to, he’s capable and would be a powerful addition to the Cabinet. Furthermore he carried 46% of the popular vote. It should go a long way to healing the nation.

Well, there’s one reason not to give him such a position. None of the Republicans like him. Still, Obama could do worse than to give him a position of authority. All the time they were bashing eachother’s voting records, they didn’t seem to notice how often they’d voted together.

So here’s to giving McCain a cabinet seat, now that he’s safely out of range of the presidency. Just so long as he isn’t Secretary of the Internet.


3 thoughts on “McCain for Cabinet Seat

  1. but what to do with Palin? Secretary of Soccer? Ambassador to Russia (hell, she can see it from her front door)? okay, yeah, i know the right answer already, but like to play…

  2. Secretary of War? – The irony. His father and grandfather were both admirals, yet he was essentially drummed out of the navy because he had no demonstrable leadership skills.

  3. Its better to have your enemies inside the tent and piss out then to be out side the tent and piss out. Choosing McCain would also show strength of character.

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