Being a Hero

Terrorist attacks such as those currently taking place in Mumbai infuriate me. But it’s not the terrorists who make me really angry. It’s the victims. According to one report, about fifteen armed ‘terrorists’ were holding a great number of people hostage. Why do the victims, who far outnumber their captors, allow themselves to be victims? Why not fight back? There’s almost no doubt that if all the hostages in a situation like this chose to resist, they would win. It wouldn’t even take all of them.

Case and point: Flight 93 on 9/11.

Resistance doesn’t necessarily mean fighting. Almost certainly, in this situation, but if someone could orchestrate an escape of all the hostages, that would be equally effective. The point isn’t to hurt the terrorists, merely to take away the power fear gives them. Because right now hostages chosing to stand up and resist would be protecting and representing more than just themselves. They would be protecting all of the hostages, and representing all of those opposed to the terrorists.


One thought on “Being a Hero

  1. Have you ever been in a situation where you faced an armed attacker / aggressor? If not, please don’t judge these people. One simply doesn’t know how one will react until one is actually in that situation.

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