This story is incredibly painful. I swear my writing style has changed two or three times in the course of the story, and I’ve only been doing this draft for two days. I’m on page seven of the short story, and I feel it should have been far shorter than that.

Looking over it, I lost my way. Moreover, I’ve lost my writing. My completed short story, Masquerade (viewable in Written Ravings, look on the sidebar) has a distinctive tone and writing style. While the same elements cannot apply to this story, I’d like to capture the brevity of Masquerade. It beautifully encapsulated the core of the story.

What I have of my current story reads, in part, like a mediocre novel. There’s plenty of nice character developement, but none of it matters. Half the characters portrayed leave half way through the story, never to return. Even the main character doesn’t matter, as such. He dies. The entire story was inspired by the moment of his death, not his life.

This is my third or fourth draft of this particular story. Each time I get start with a blank slate and get a little farther, but Simon still hasn’t died yet, except in the draft where I killed him at the beginning and then back tracked. I tried immitating Vonnegut in that draft and ended up writing pages about bacteria. They were well on their way to becoming more important than the main character.

I’ll try again tomorrow. If I can’t bring back my brevity in my little black notebook of convorsation’s bane during tomorrow’s festivities, I’ll do something desperate.Does anyone know a really good collection of short stories I could read?


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