Youtube Movies

Well, Youtube has a new fuction now- full length movie player. You can access this at But know what I noticed as I looked through the available flicks? Not one familiar title.

Now, is there a problem with the fact that Youtube is helping promote indie movies? No, and in fact, it’s a wonderful development. A year from now I expect a film that had its humble beginnings on Youtube to win an Emmy, or whatever award is applicable. Maybe three years.

I doubt, however, that this new function will see wide use. After all, most people go looking for movies they already know the names of, not a random film to kill an hour or three with. Then again, with the amount of time some people spend on Youtube, perhaps this will be a more direct method of wasting time.


2 thoughts on “Youtube Movies

  1. I don’t think its so much they’re trying to help promote indie movies, it’s just that the only movies they will have are ones they’ve worked out a deal with. And the big names are less likely to do that.

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