Making fun of Obama

I know I (almost) promised to do a post about my experience at the inauguration, but the more I reflect on it, the less interesting it was. I already posted the highlights of my own experience, and frankly, running (literally) around downtown DC trying to find the end of a line (and once finding the beginning instead) isn’t all that interesting. The speech was good though. If you didn’t watch it, look it up. It won’t be quoted for centuries, but it should last out the decade.

So now I can take advantage of the fact that we have a new government by getting my foot in the door early for making fun of it. The nation as a whole has reached a point where all its dreams have come true, now they just need to sit back and watch the magic happen.

But on his very first day in office, Obama did something I disapproved of. What he’s done with regards to federal jobs, pay, and appointments will prevent much ‘new blood’ from coming in, as well as the usual interchange between public and private sectors. The vast majority of the time, what he’s done is good. I know one person, however, who was considering taking a political appointment in the new administration, but now won’t because she wouldn’t be able to pay the bills with that pay. Money was an issue before, but now it is absolutely out of the question.

This will hopefully be fixed in the long term- a few appropriate loopholes in an otherwise good policy.

Also, here’s a quote (found on which was somewhat unfortunate. Not a Bushism by any means, but rather clearly a politicians translation. The stimulus/infrastructure plan which it was used to defend, however, I approve of. Especially the bit about fixing the electric grid.

“We won’t just throw money at our problems; we’ll invest in what works.”


5 thoughts on “Making fun of Obama

  1. Obama has set new records for what a President Elect can accomplish between getting elected and his first week in office.

    But it is not what the Main Stream Media wants you to think.

    PS I like your blog. Care to exchange blogroll links? If yes put a comment on my blog including the link to you.

    Love ya! Nancy

  2. working for the government will always be underpaid. that, in essence, is why they call it ‘public service’. the expectation is that it is not done for the money, but for a higher good. that said, there will still be those who want to do their part, but with the pay discrepancy so dramatic, cannot afford to do so (as your friend decided). for example, the head of the Army — doing work that would easily equate to running a Fortune 500 company — gets less than $200,000 a year (vice the millions he could get elsewhere). sad.

  3. how do you like obama’s backtracking on gitmo and his never ending speechifying about himself.

    you must enjoy kool aid!

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