Dark Matter

I’ve finally gotten around to reading A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking which, in the third chapter, states that ‘dark matter’ is widely believed to be present both within, and in between, galaxies. Such matter has been scientifically detected only be alterations in the paths of nearby stars and galaxies.

It is impossible to prove a negative, but I would like to theorize that there is a simpler explanation- black holes. Black holes are known to exist and do not necessitate the creation of a new class of matter which, mysteriously, is undetectable. Why are black holes not the current explanation? Because we can detect black holes, which have been found both to emit radio waves, due to a high rotational velocity, and Hawking radiation, caused by quantum phenomena at the event horizon.

All that my theory requires is a different class of black hole. There is no known reason why a singularity must, by its very existence, spin at a rate high enough to emit electro-magnetic radiation. As for Hawking radiation, it has been theoretically proven but never been detected. Furthermore it is always possible that radiation is being emitted, but not detected, due to the background noise of the universe.

There is no place for dark matter in the particle predictions of quantum physics, thus a simpler explanation seemed in order.

On a side note, the recent Star Trek movie broke the laws of physics in more ways than I could keep track of. Not for small children trying to learn physics, though evidently computer science majors don’t mind much.


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