Pre-Ayn Rand

I’m just beginning to read Atlas Shrugged and was shocked by one thing- it is incredibly coherent and well written. Those of you who haven’t read some of Rand’s earlier work might find this an odd comment for me to make. Here’s a very well known and respected author, yet this guy is surprised that she writes well.
This is because I began to read Anthem some time ago and found it utterly unpalatable. The philosophy wasn’t the problem, I can read works in support of almost anything so long as it is well written.
On that note, if anyone feels like reading something utterly bizarre, pick up one of L. Ron Hubbard’s books and read through some of it. I don’t recommend actually buying it unless you’re at a dirt cheap used bookstore, because from my experience they get rather strange part way through.
Back to Rand- on the off chance it is I’ve changed rather than her writing having improved in her later books, I think I might need to pick up Anthem and The Fountainhead again at some point after I finish Atlas Shrugged.

I will be perfectly ready to drop them should they turn out as I remember.


One thought on “Pre-Ayn Rand

  1. I had the same problem beginning The Fountainhead when I first started it. I’ll have to go back to it…

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