Idea #1: Seed Stealers in Svalbard

After all seeds available have been contaminated with GMO genes, owned by corporations, a farmer intent on recycling his own seed joins a group of hard core conservationists, environmentalists, and a scientist lead by a pair of anarchists (Is everyone around here a something-something-ist? Me? I’m a foolish optimist, and I’d like to believe the answer is no.) to steal seeds from the ‘doomsday vault’ in Svalbard.


I need badly to clean up my blog. It went untouched for months as I ran out of time and my ideas became uber focused. I wouldn’t be surprised if such a thing happened again, but I would like to see it survive as, at a minimum, a repository for my random ideas.

Then again, it’s always been a repository for my random ideas.

Allow me to be more specific. In the midst of all my more arbitrary ramblings, I would like my blog in this renaissance to contain my story ideas. They’re incomplete, fleeting, and have little value on their own. Perhaps my readers, should I find any, would be so kind as to find connections between my ideas and help me to link them together. Let this be the first idea of many.

Oh, and let this be my goal: one idea a day. Minimum. If I use an idea I came up with before that date, that is my right and no one will ever know. But I’ll try not to. I’ll spill the rest of them later today (tonight?) if I have the time so that I am forced to come up with new ones.


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