Idea #2: Corporate Ninja

Calling him a ninja was a shameless gag. A corporate mercenary and retrieval expert becomes too successful. Capable of demanding whatever price he wants while forcing competitors out of bussiness, the client companies decide he must be removed from the picture. After he proves too capable to be assassinated in the ordinary fashion, they decide to kill him through simple overwork.
The man himself is simple; intensely dedicated to getting the job done and taking great pleasure in his work. His manager has been the one taking advantage of his ability and renown to charge absurd amounts. He is, however, honest. Only a small comission goes to him. The primary recipient of the money is the man’s girlfriend, who becomes concerned that her beau is being worked to death and investigates.
The man himself is forced to choose between two principles: finishing the job and avoiding the use of hormonal supplements. He begins taking the injections.


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