Idea #4: Multifarious Lives

This idea came to me as ‘The Multifarious Lives of Christopher …” where ‘…’ represents something alliterative. I can no longer remember what my original name was. Here are some that I’ve attempted to resurrect from my memory.
Christopher Kephler

Christopher King

Christopher Collins

Christopher Cribb

None of them have quite the right ring. Do any of you like a particular name? Any suggestions of your own? Regardless, the gist of the idea is this: there exists a man who, every day, decides to have a different personality- a whole new persona. If he hasn’t chosen a personality within fifteen minutes of waking up or by 8 am, whichever comes second, the day is considered a wash and he stays at home in bed. So one day he might decide to be impeccably polite to everyone he meets, and the next he could have an obsession with sailing. Sometimes there is a sequence to his choices- one day he might decide to make a great deal of money regardless of moral consequences, the next day he decides to be a great patron of opera, the day after he wants to be an opera performer, and then a producer, and finally to set fire to the opera house. One day he might be a revolutionary and the next he could be a royalist. Etc.

I am undecided as to whether or not there is a method to his madness. When I conceived of the name ‘Christopher King’ to replace the ideal I had forgotten I got the notion that perhaps he is working to see absolutely every possible perspective within some monarchy (or other form of government, I suppose) before staging a coup. Or perhaps he is the natural born heir. He would certainly need to be fairly wealthy in order to maintain such a lifestyle…

Then again, perhaps not. It would be more interesting to see him need to struggle for funds, or ignore his needs, depending upon his personality that day. Given that he is not actually irrational he could conceivably hold a job for a little while, maybe a week, maybe a month.

Yes, he’ll need to work at it. It would be too cheap on my part to give the character such an easy out as being so wealthy that his eccentricity is easily accomplished. I’ll take a page out of Patrick Rothfuss‘s book there. The Name of the Wind aptly demonstrates how much stronger a story that takes into account the less romantic needs of a character can be.


2 thoughts on “Idea #4: Multifarious Lives

  1. Self discovery. It would be far more interesting to have him discover who or what he wants to be through some progression rather than to have it be his secret plan the entire time.

    I can see him explaining this to another character on a day when he’s decided he will answer any question with ‘the whole truth’ or something along those lines. How else should he discover who he is if he doesn’t try all the possibilities first?

    “But a personality isn’t something you choose! It’s your definition, it’s what you are. You don’t need to think about it, the personality is innate, fundamental.”

    “So you really just stick with the first one you happened upon? What if you don’t like it?”

    “You have to like it. It’s yours, you don’t have a choice.”

    “I do.”

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