Writing Update

I’ve updated the Written Ravings page with a piece I did recently, Friend for Hire. Frankly I don’t like it as much as some of my other work. For one thing it isn’t sci-fi, it isn’t fantasy, it isn’t even set in some kind of reasonable alternate reality. The piece is very clearly set on Earth, in America.

Perhaps this shouldn’t be a surprise considering that my current long term writing project is also set in the more or less real world, but that at least has unusual characters and situations. Friend for Hire is just so incredibly mundane by comparison. At the same time it is short enough that it isn’t painful, and many good books have been written about fairly mundane topics. I just never thought I’d write any such thing myself.

Live and learn. The writing isn’t the cleanest  by my standards, so feel even more free to nitpick than usual.

It is, like all my work, password protected. This is just to make sure that I have some idea of who is looking at it. Unless your username is ‘istealstories.com,’ odds are good I will be perfectly happy to give you the password should you request it. Do so either in the comments or via e-mail to Lucien ~dot~ Malkatros ~at~ gmailDOTcom.


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