Idea #6: Doctor Recommended

A doctor of philosophy begins sponsoring medical products. It all begins with a stomach ache cure, and eventually ends with him sponsoring products for ethical reasons alone. Warning, this idea may have occured because I was reading Atlas Shrugged while I had (have) a stomach ache.


2 thoughts on “Idea #6: Doctor Recommended

  1. I know what you mean- I have several friends who positively loathe the book. Then again, none of them have finished it and at least one has never even started, so as far as I’m concerned that rather removes their right to hold a strong opinion. I’m allowed to say this- I read the first three books of the Twilight series before criticizing it (loudly, frequently, and in public). And then there’s the friend who has read it- and has since decided he’s an objectivist. He may or may not be a lost cause.

    The writing, however, is up to snuff. As long as that remains the case I doubt I shall have too much trouble with it, whatever the philosophy may be.

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