Idea #10: Godfather

After several years of fruitless struggle trying to squeeze a child from her husband’s loins, a woman turns to an old friend for help. First she manages to get her husband, who wants a child approximately as much as she does, to consent. More difficult, however, is acquiring the agreement of her friend, a perpetual bachelor and professor of law at some New England institution of good repute. He insists upon hammering out some sort of informal contract.

“I’ve always intended to be the godfather of your children, but now I doubt it would be a good idea. How much contact would you wish me to have with the child? Equally important, will you tell the child who the real father is? I would hate to make a habit of avoiding your home and company, but if you wish it for the child’s sake, it is a sacrifice I can bear.”

The mother thinks that, though typical of her friend, this sort of over thinking is absurd. “Of course you can still be a godfather. Who else would I choose?”

“But how often should I see the child? Too much interaction might cause the poor thing to become suspicious. There’s also your marriage to think of.”

“You leave worrying about my marriage to me. In any case, you’re the last person on earth any knowing person would ever suspect a woman of having an affair with. You can see the child exactly as much or as little as you want to. I leave that entirely up to you.”


Nevertheless, the professor insists upon artificial insemination. The child is born the usual way, and the new godfather visits often and plays a crucial role in the boy’s education. Eventually he acquires a position at a nearby university so that he can be closer to his godchild. This creates stress upon the parent’s marriage, which the godfather tries to alleviate, but his primary concern is the child.

You can see where this story might go. In truth I see it as being but one part of some sort of epic centered around the child. Any ideas along that train of thought from here on out will be labeled ‘Metafiction.’ My thoughts for the story as a whole are that for some reason or another, various people who knew the child throughout his life will tell parts of the story within a framework story which occurs when the child is an adult and has been imprisoned for some sort of mass murder committed while trying to rid the world of a genetically based or sexually transmitted disease. (possibly HIV/AIDS) Or maybe something else terrible, because what the terrible thing he does isn’t the point: the point is that he does it because he believes it will better mankind and the world as a whole. So maybe he could be an eco-terrorist, but that’s not what I’ve been thinking thus far.