Inmate Profile

Official document

If this has come into your possession without direct authorization by the Abbey Asylum, please return to Dr. Seward, M.D.

Patient Name: Unknown. Known aliases include Lucid Lunatic and

Occupation: Has been known to frequent various academic institutions studying a wide array of topics. There is no clear methodology to his choices though there is a curious concentration in the sciences, though this could be coincidental. Records show that someone of the patient’s description has also held the following jobs: biologist, astronomer, programmer, publisher, advertising consultant, branding assistant, start-up CIO, webmaster, author of strategic articles, author (general), gardener, editor, and handyman. It is unknown whether or not all these positions may be ascribed to the patient known as the ‘Lucid Lunatic.’

Common Behaviors: Shows a great love of reading, and has even made several attempts at writing stories himself, with mixed results. Books he has recently requested or which we have supplied in order to further examine his reactions include: The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene, We Never Talk About My Brother by Peter S. Beagle, and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Frequently goes for long runs- we have found it necessary to allow him to run or otherwise exercise well beyond the common period of time in order to prevent unnecessary agitation of the patient. Other common activities include rock climbing, listening to or making music, and sleeping. The patient both sleeps and eats in abnormally large quantities although no medical or psychological reason has yet been found for this.

Mania(s): Shows signs of many known illnesses with little to no consistency, including prolonged periods of apparently total lucidity. Reference files L-3204 through 3358 for in-depth analysis of psychotic episodes. One common thread is that lucidity is only manifest while occupied with some task- as soon as an episode (of lucidity) inducing activity is completed mania resumes. Activities appear to be unrelated, corresponding roughly with daily ratios. One anomaly is that argument and heated discussion seem to stimulate the patient, frequently resulting in lucidity.

Summary: Worthy of further investigation; add to roster of patients under intensive examination. Keep under heavy supervision.


13 thoughts on “Inmate Profile

  1. I hope the patient is not allergic to occasional justified admiration because i would like to prescribe him a “Good-Work” tablet with “Keep-on-Rocking tranquilizers”

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