Free Friday: Something Better

Sorry that this is late (hey, it’s still Friday in my timezone, whatever WordPress thinks). Unfortunately this is going to be a tad rushed. I have something better to do- namely sleep- right now. I have a 5K tomorrow and a half-marathon (my first) the next day. Bad planning? Yes. Is that going to stop me? No. This will go down as one of my numerous ‘stupid running stunts.’

In any case, here’s a song which has been on my running playlist ever since I discovered it. It’s called ‘Something Better’ and the artist is “true story.” Modern rock, and fast paced enough for me to run to.

Download ‘Something Better.’


Free Friday: One Less Reason

We all like free stuff, right? Here are some One Less Reason MP3’s off of Garage Band. One Less Reason is a real gem among unsigned bands. In 2003 they were signed with Universal Records but then broke off due to a conflict of interests- but not before rocking the airwaves with their hit single Favorite Color. Now, as much as I’d love to give you all that MP3, the band is not currently offering it for free, and I will respect that choice. In any case, I’m sure most of you can find it yourselves, by one method or another.

Snow Angels by One Less Reason

Worthless (Dead and Breathing) by One Less Reason

Both these songs were inspired by the tragic death of the songwriter’s best friend. Details can be found on their Garage Band page.

I view One Less Reason as possibly the best hard rock band on GB, and while I won’t claim to like all of the songs this band has turned out, another good one you might want to look into is ‘Really Bad Analogy.’

Hopefully this ‘Free Friday’ thing will become a weekly event. I’m working on digging up e-books, mp3s, and anything else both free and legal that I can find. If you have anything to suggest, feel free to comment or contact me by other means.