Free Friday: Rebirth

Sorry I missed last week, everyone. Things have been busy here in the asylum.Today I’ll show you another song I found on GarageBand via iLike. Rebirth by Spindle Cincinnatti could perhaps benefit from better recording equipment, but it’s still an awesome song. For some reason I love the lyrics without completely understanding what they mean. The line “crossed the line of dealing with my coming of age” resonates strongly with me despite the fact that if I haven’t come of age yet, I rather doubt I’m ever going to.

Also, at the gym on Thursday morning I heard a song on the loudspeakers. It sounded rather like it could be the theme to an action movie. Eventually I found a monitor which was showing the music video and started doing my lifting in front of it. The video was of cello players being slowly ambushed by a SWAT team. It was entirely instrumental, of course, but if the name of the song and artist showed on the screen it was while I was facing the other way putting away weights.

So I’m on a mission, and I want you to help me. Find the song. I don’t need the music video even. Just the song. I’ve been looking and the closest thing I’ve found was a string version of the song ‘Final Countdown’ by Europe on YouTube.

Which I have to confess is pretty awesome. I really hope the cello players have some kind of deal on bow hair though. Unless you’ve ever played a stringed instrument, you probably have no idea how much it costs to have a bow restrung. And if they do that much damage every time they rehearse too? That would add up.

If anyone finds something awesome, whether or not it’s the right piece, feel free to share it with me. 🙂